Episode 26 – The 40-Man Summerslam Smackdown Rumble

After a week-long hiatus, the Regular Guys are back! Well, not exactly… James has gone AWOL again, so Eric is joined once again by The Mind for another fascinating conversation. They discuss the news and rumours of the week surrounding Ric Flair, John Cena, Cris Cyborg and Ronda Rousey, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, Scott Dawson, Enzo and Cass, and a personal favourite – the Hardys! They also give their predictions on who will walk out of Summerslam 2017 victorious, along with thoughts on the 2014 Summerslam main event between Brock Lesnar and John Cena – the event where Suplex City was born! A little fantasy booking also takes place, with each host presenting their vision of a dream Royal Rumble match. With a review of Smackdown to cap off the show, Episode 26 is packed! You don’t want to miss it. See you on the flip side!

Episode 25 – Return of the Raw

It’s a monumental episode of the Regular Guys’ Wrestling Podcast, and we want to thank all of our listeners for coming along for the ride with us as we present Episode # 25! That’s a quarter of the way to 100, for all you math nuts. “The Mind” joins us once again for this very special episode, where we discuss the greatest returns in WWE history, as well as the main event of this past weekend’s UFC show, UFC 214, between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight title. We also go over rumours involving Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon, Sasha Banks, the Raw Women’s title, Becky Lynch and Cris Cyborg, Summerslam, and much, much more. Finally, the red brand returns to the RGW Podcast, and we recap and discuss Monday Night Raw – the good, the bad, and the unwatchable. Enjoy Episode 25, and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Episode 24 – Battleground… You Just Made The List!!

It’s been a Smackdown kind of week in the world of professional wrestling, and the Episode 24 of the Regular Guys’ Wrestling Podcast is locked and loaded with plenty of good discussion about WWE Battleground, as well as an in-depth look at this week’s Smackdown Live. Rumours of the week include subjects such as: Ronda Rousey and her fellow Horsewoman, Shayla Bazler, The Great Khali, Finn Balor, Jason Jordan, the Kanellis’, and Talking Smack. We also chat about the greatest Anti-Heroes in wrestling and why we put them in that category. We hope you enjoy and continue to share and subscribe! Ciao for now!

Episode 23 – Jason… I Am Your Father!

This week was a week of revelations! Episode 23 of the RGW Podcast is once again in the books, and we had a lot to talk about. James and Eric are reunited – and it feels so good (sorry…). We give our thoughts on Kurt Angle’s big reveal on Raw this week and where they could go from here, we review Smackdown from this past Tuesday, and discuss the greatest “reveals” in the history of wrestling. On top of that, we go over the weekly rumours involving: the Hardy Boys, Enzo Amore, the Mae Young Classic, Alberto El Patron, Rey Mysterio, Chad Gable, and many, many more. Thanks for stopping by – remember to share and comment, and we’ll catch you next time!

Episode 22 – Great Balls of Tag Team Turmoil!

This week, Mind-O-Mania is RUNNING WILD, as Eric is joined by semi-regular guest host “The Mind” for a great conversation about all things wrestling! When it comes to current tag teams, the Eric and Tyler talk about which partner they think will be the one to “turn” – as well as great news and rumours about Shelton Benjamin, the Hardy Boyz (are they or aren’t they going to break?), the Colons, Austin Aries, the Bella Twins, and the Raw Women’s Championship picture. With a Great Balls of Fire recap and a chat about the Universal Championship segment on Raw – this is an action packed show you don’t want to miss. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy Episode 22!!

Episode 21 – Face Turns and Battle Royals for Everyone!

Eric and James have a lot to talk about on Episode 21 of the RGW Podcast. On top of the Smackdown Review/Recap and a quick chat about Samola Joe (as Eric liked to call him) versus Brock Lesnar, the Guys discuss monumental face turns in WWE, as well as many, MANY rumours – way more than you’d think for this time of year. Thanks for listening, and enjoy this week’s episode!

Episode 20 – “No Chin” of Betrayal

Another huge milestone here on the RGW Podcast, Episode 20 has come and gone and we are proud to have you along with us for the ride. “The Mind” has joined us again this week as we review Money in the Bank 2017 and the controversy surrounding the historic opening match. We go over this past week’s Smackdown, and discuss the most significant and memorable betrayals, swerves and turns in wrestling history. And, in our rumours of the week, we talk about John Cena, Braun Strowman, Mike and Maria Kanellis, Enzo and Big Cass, and more. So we hope you enjoy this week’s show, and to coin a new catch phrase – laterz!