Episode 55 is brought to you live (well, recorded) from the greatest city on Earth, the city that never sleeps – Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada. What began as a pretty routine day in the world of pro-wrestling became a day to remember, as Daniel Bryan was reinstated as an active wrestler in WWE! The Guys talk about the HUGE implications of that heading into Wrestlemania 34, as well as the potential dream matches that just two days ago were not thought possible! The Guys also discuss 2018 Hall of Fame inductee Mark Henry, as well as “The Ultimate Deletion” from this past week’s Monday Night Raw. With some wonderful rumours to boot, this action packed show is must listen. Thanks for your support, for listening, for sharing, and for interacting with us on social media. We will catch you next time!!


Episode 54 – The Blurst of Wrestlemania!

The Regular Guys are back with another week of shenanigans! Episode 54 sees E-Rock, Jimmer and the Mind dive into Wrestlemania season head first as they chat about their BEST and WORST Wrestlemania moments. Extra points if you understand the reference in the title of this week’s episode. The Guys also go over this week’s Rumours regarding John Cena, The Wrestlemania Battle Royal, the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Asuka,  The Ultimate Deletion, and much, much more! The Guys also give a quick review of the hottest event thus far in 2018 – FASTLANE. Thanks for listening, thanks for sharing to help the show grow, and as always, ciao for now!

Episode 53 – WWE Slow Traffic Keep Right

On Episode 53, E-Rock and The Mind talk about this year’s confirmed and rumoured inductees to the WWE Hall of Fame! Who’s deserving, and who – not so much? The Guys also go over the rumours of the week involving such superstars as The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, The Hardys, Alberto El Patron, 205 Live, and Brock Lesnar. Lastly, the Guys go over this Sunday’s WWE Fastlane PPV and give their predictions. See you on the flip side!

Episode 52 – Two Shoots in the Chamber

Welcome everyone to Episode 52 of the RGW Podcast! The Regular Guys are reunited, as Jimmer is back to join E-Rock and the Mind in their discussion of all things WRESTLING. This week, they Guys discuss this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, and the Wrestlemania implications that are left 6 weeks before the big show. There were also two huge promos on this week’s Monday Night Raw – one of the individuals may even receive some rare praise from the Guys. The Rumours of the Week are also on the docket, as well as the weekly Smackdown Rush. There are a lot of laughs to be had, so thanks for listening, keep on sharing the show so we can grow (how poetic!) and we will catch you next time!

Episode 51 – Analyzations and Eliminations

50 episodes of the RGW Podcast are behind us and it’s time to jump into episode 51! On today’s episode E-Rock and The Mind analyze the current state of WWE single competitors. Who’s fully established themselves in the company, who’s in the midst of being pushed, who’s under-utilized, and who has has simply been given up on by the company? In addition to this, the guys quickly give their predictions on the Elimination Chamber PPV, go over the rumors of the week, and finish the show off with the traditional Smackdown Rush. Thanks for listening Dudes and Dudettes! Ciao for now!

Episode 50 – Straight Talkin’ & Jay Walkin’

Episode 50! It’s been a year since we started the Regular Guys’ Wrestling Podcast – and Jimmer, E-Rock and The Mind would like to thank all of our listeners for your continued support through listening and sharing the podcast, enabling us to grow!! This week’s episode is TREMENDOUS – joining us for our FIRST interview is local wrestling legend Jay Walker! We talk about his start in the wrestling business, his favourite wrestlers and matches growing up, where he sees the business today versus when he started, and he gives some fantastic insights into the current wrestling product that’s out there – from a WRESTLER’S point of view. We also go over the rumours from the past week, along with a quick recap of this past week’s Smackdown Live. Thanks again for listening – see you on the flip side!

Episode 49: The Rowdy Royal Ronda Rumble

It’s Episode 49 – the Quadruple R! That may or may not catch on… Off one of the biggest nights in WWE history, E-Rock, Jimmer and the Mind chat all things Royal Rumble, including an exciting men’s Rumble, as well as the first-ever WOMEN’S Royal Rumble – which did not disappoint! The Guys also review the Rumble fallout from Smackdown Live, as well the many rumours going around the wrestling world this week. Thanks again for listening – remember to tell your friends, and we will catch you next time!