Episode 41 – A Spotfest, a Sell Job, and a Cleaner Walk Into a Bar…

Thanks for joining us again for Episode 41! This week, the triple threat is back as The Mind, Eric and James discuss the various goings-on in the world of wrastlin’. In the Topic of Discussion, the Guys go over how a lot of today’s wrestling relies on SPOTS – so much so that the art of SELLING is being lost. They also discuss “The CLEANER” Kenny Omega, his recent return to his hometown to wrestle for his hometown promotion, as well as his upcoming match on January 4. Along with the rumours of the week and tons of laughs, this one is in the books. We will catch you next time!


RGW Podcast – Episode 40 – Tis The Season To Be Nice!

Welcome everyone to the monumental episode 40 of the RGW Podcast!  As Christmas is right around the corner and positivity is in the air, on this week’s episode, Eric and The Mind run through every member of the Raw and Smackdown roster and dish out nothing but…that’s right…compliments!  In addition, the Guys go over rumours of the week surrounding the likes of Paige and the 5 NXT call-ups, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, the Bullet Club, and much more!  Lastly, we finish the show off by quickly reviewing Tuesday’s Smackdown Live.  We hope you enjoy episode 40.  Thanks for listening!

Episode 39 – Survivor Series: I’m Not Finished Review!

Welcome once again to the RGW Podcast, where we are never finished with you! This week, the Guys tackle Survivor Series 2017 and its aftermath, as well as give a brief recap of this week’s Smackdown Live. Rumours of the include stories on Brock Lesnar, Jason Jordan, The Miz, possible reasons for the recent call-ups from NXT, Finn Balor, and much, much more! Thanks again for listening – ciao for now!

Episode 38 – A Survivor Series of Unfortunate Events

On this week’s episode, the Guys serve up SURVIVOR SERIES two different ways. We’re just past the 20th anniversary of the event that changed the wrestling world forever – Survivor Series 1997, known for such great matches as the Truth Commission versus The Disciples of Apocalypse… There was another on the card that became known as the MONTREAL SCREWJOB. We talk a bit about the history leading up to that groundbreaking and heartbreaking event, and give our thoughts on “what might have been”. We also talk about the Survivor Series 2017 lineup prior to Monday Night Raw and give our predictions, as well as our RUMOURS of the week. Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Episode 37 – Reaping the Benefits of a Phenomenal Repackaging

Welcome everyone once again to the RGW Podcast! In Episode 37 the Guys discuss the best repackaging of wrestlers in WWE history. There are some pretty interesting insights given! The Guys also go over this week’s monumental Smackdown Live and the potential repercussions for Survivor Series, as well as rumours involving Kane, Rusev, Lio Rush, Undertaker, James Storm, Impact Wrestling, and the newly announced main event of New Japan’s WRESTLE KINGDOM on January 4th. Thanks for listening, and we’ll catch you next time!

RGW Podcast – Episode 36 – Rumors, Releases, & Reviews

Welcome everyone to episode 36 of the RGW Podcast!  On the heels of the release of Emma, Neville, Summer Rae, and Darren Young, The Mind joins Eric to discuss the most shocking releases and departures in the history of the WWE.  We also look over the rumors of the week involving the likes of Emma, Nia Jax, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Gallows, Anderson, The Undertaker, and many more!  We then finish the show off with our regular review of Smackdown Live.  There may even be an ongoing discussion over the saga of “Good Ol’ Onion Sack!”  Thanks again for listening guys.  We will catch you next time!

Episode 35: Treat that Onion Bag with TLC

Welcome everyone to Episode 35 of the RGW Podcast! This week, the Regular Guys, along with The Mind, talk about Raw being “Under Siege” and how much we love that slogan… We also review the TLC pay per view from last week, and chat about next month’s Survivor Series event. And as always, we go over the rumours of the week, involving Roman Reigns, Kane, The Four Horsewomen, Nia Jax, Neville, and a bunch more. Thanks again for listening and supporting us – ciao for now!!